11 Years Old Girl Writes To Nintendo, Gets Free DS?!

Writing a letter as part of school homework can be pretty tough, especially when you don’t get what you want everyday. However, it may look like this little girl’s school project turned out to be awesome, considering what she might have gotten in return; a free Nintendo DS, courtesy of Nintendo Australia.

Of course, there is some doubts about how true the letter is as there are no picture of the DS being received by the little girl. It’s pretty strange if you ask me, but still, there is the possibility of her getting the DS, so it’s a tad too early to dismiss that fact anyway. I would honestly give the DS to other more unfortunate kids, rather than someone who had written a letter for school project and… somehow sent it to Nintendo.

No word whether this is true or not, but you guys better not start trying to send mails to them. I mean, overseas charges are ridiculous and expensive!

Via: Kotaku.

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