1st Post of the Blog!

Alright! With the suggestion of Ziddy, I’ve converted this blog into a blog that will try to provide you viewers with the latest news on animes, mmorpgs, doujin games and maybe some other areas as we expand out (hopefully).

I’ll do a short introduction on the current staff members:

  1. Netto – MMORPG Section
  2. Ziddy – Video Games Section
  3. WIP

More information on whose joining up with us soon.

Of course, we can’t update it everyday, so we’ll try our best to update anytime and everytime we can. For starters, you can expect some video on some of the games that Ziddy has been playing, and maybe some of the reviews for certain MMORPGs.

[Ziddy] Just so you know, we might still do our own thing and not be restricted to our own section. However, you can access each individual staff’s rant or whatsoever through the ever useful tags. [/Ziddy]

Anyway, here’s wishing that you people will enjoy your trip here!

About Netto

Aspiring artist! One of these days, he might just make it... somewhere!