2011 Tales of Symphonia OVA’s Limited Edition Gets Bonus Anime


The limited Collector’s Edition of Tales of Symphonia The Animation : The United World Episode Volume 1 will bundle a seperate new anime as a bonus. A different limited Exsphere Edition will bundle a DVD with TalesRing Symphonia radio program instead of the anime.

Both limited editions will include a packaging that is illustrated by character designer, Akira Matsushima, a soundtrack CD with the ending theme, a special booklet( with production designs for Collector’s Edition or story scenarios in the other edition ), and postcards. The first volume is slated for a 23rd November this year.

Tales of Symphonia The Animation :The United World Episode is the final video series based on Namco Bandai’s Tales of Symphonia game franchise. The first four-episode Tales of Symphonia original video anime series shipped in 2007.  It’s sequel, Tales of Symphonia the Animation: Tethe’alla Episode debuted last year.

Amazing how these games be turned into an anime, isn’t it?



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