2D Idol Group AGC38 Short Anime Film Released

With the lots and lots of idol groups around in Japan such as AKB48, SMB48, SKE48 and SDN48, it’s easy to get lost with the huge amount of similarly dressed girls in a single group . AGC38 is no exception, except one point: it’s completely 2D.

Riding on the concurrently popularity of girl groups, yes, it’s an anime about a 38-girls idol group and the first of the first anime films about AGC38 has been finally released by Asahi Productions. The anime project was announced sometime ago last year and an animated music video titled “Sorette Dakara ne!” was also released late last year. Coincidentally, the short film’s title is the same as the music video too.

If this particular group’s “activities” catches your interest, you might be in luck as Asahi Productions are thinking of expanding the group to various other media mediums such as a full-blown anime as well as manga. Who knows, they might even rival the popularity of AKB48!

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