37 Japanese Manga Publishers To Launch NA Manga Distribution Portal

Might not be long before people can grab manga without buying the manga volume itself…

In an effort to combat the ever growing copyright infringement rate of mangas out there, 37 Japanese manga publishers are collaborating together in setting up a joint portal site for North American anime fans this year. The portal, tentatively named as “J Manga Portal Site” will be distributing mangas from all the 37 manga publishers, ensuring quite a selection of genre and manga for any users on their site.

The collaboration hopes to have the beta version of the website ready by this year, and have the official launch of the website by March next year. The portal site will also periodically distribute free manga, as well as releasing news and information regarding specific mangas from specific publishers.

This can be seen as an effort to finally “fight” the ever growing copyright infringement problem that the publishers have been facing since sometime ago. Just recently, the same group of publishers have collaborated in yet another method of curbing copyright infringement by sending C&D (cease and decease) letters to both scanlators and manga listing websites. Although it has met with limited success, OneManga, a popular website that used to list several extremely popular manga has decided to close it’s doors.

A full list of publishers are listed below:


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