3DCG “Hako-Ani” Virtual Idol Display System Allows You To View Holographic Concerts

Do you remember that during one of the vocaloid festival concert, Miku was presented in a holographic manner that had everyone going almost crazy over it? Now, with “Hako-ani”, it’s almost possible to replicate the exact same method used in the concert, albeit on a smaller scale.

Developed by ALBEDO Inc., “Hako-ani” is the product of miniaturizing large scale projector installations which is used to create 3D holographic effect in many different places these days. All the user really need is to project the image from a smartphone or a tablet by placing their device on-top of the”Hako-ani” system and let the system do the rest.  Now it’s entirely possible for people like you and me to enjoy and recreate these “virtual idol” concerts as much as we want to at anytime!

Not only that; the “Hako-ani” is said to be able to allow the projected “character” to interact with anything that is kept within the box of “Hako-ani” itself. In a sense, it could literally become a playground for the very character that you’re projecting into the box itself!

For now, “Hako-ani” is available in sizes for the iPad and general Android tablet devices.

The downside? It costs around 36,750 yen, making it quite a hefty investment. But I’m sure for any character you desire to dance in front of you in 3D… it’s not that much of a price to pay, is it?


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