40% Of Japanese Thinks It’s Unnecessary To Have Children!


“You lolicon…”

Japan has got to be one of the world’s greatest aging country and it seems that Japan is going to have some trouble getting out of this aging population term, as many would say.

At a recent survey done by the Cabinet Office of Japan, it is revealed that average of 42.8% of Japanese thinks that it’s unnecessary for them to have child in their entire lives, even after marriage. It should not come as a great surprise, seeing that Japan plays host to some of the oldest humans in the world.

Getting into more details, about 60% of  Japanese women in their 20s to 30s feels that it’s unnecessary for them to have children at any stage of their lives. The last survey was taken in August 2007, and it seems that the latest survey has an increment of about 6% from the previous one.

For men, about 56.6% of them in the 20s replied that it’s not essential for them to have children, even after marriage. For the men in their 30s, they were a little more willing to have children, although not much as survey reports 56.3% of them feels that children are essential in their lives after marriage.

On average, about 46.5% of the women and 38.7% of the men had replied that having children is not necessary.

While the high “no to children” rate is pretty alarming, there’s actually a cause for that. Well, at least for the women. It seems that the reason why a majority of the women in Japan refuse to have children is simply because marriage would limit women’s job opportunities. As many would know, Japan is a highly competitive country, and many companies and employers would only want the best of the best as their workers. Many Japanese hold their jobs in high regards and thus the mentality of women wanting to have their future secured even before thinking about having children. This is further reinforced by the fact that more than half of the responders had objected to the traditional house wife kind of ideology.

Maybe this is why we’re seeing an oversaturation of lolicon and shotacon on the internet…

Via: Breitbart.

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