A Little Hiccup With WordPress 2.9 (A Warning Too)

If you’ve been visiting the site regularly, you’ll probably be used to the Freshy-2 Layout that has been gracing NotCliche for sometime now. However, for some mysterious reason of another, once upgraded to WordPress 2.9, the version literally broke the theme as the sidebars would no longer display.

And you would also notice that the layout has changed.

Trying to find a solution out of this is hard, so I’ve decided to move the site to yet another layout. Much to my surprise, the extremely old layout that was used by the old site that I had held up pretty fine despite all the modifications I’ve did to Freshy-2!

If you see major changes around the site while you’re surfing, that means I’m probably still rigging the layout to match what I’ve got in mind. Pardon the inconvenience, and please don’t mind the weird rotating banners as the banners were from some stone-age time; long before NotCliche even existed.

And also, please do check your plugins and themes before you upgrade! I know it’s actually a redundant advice, but sometimes we need a little reinforcement before we think about something bad happening.


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