A Piece Of Music For The Joyous Coming Christmas

Christmas is arriving and one would agree that there’s nothing better than to start off the Christmas mood with a good piece of music, right? Here’s a little something that would bring the mood of Christmas to your very desktop!

People who had played the game Ragnarok Online before will not find this particular piece of music unfamiliar. After all, the background music is perhaps one of the most played out of the extensive amount of BGMs that Ragnarok Online has to offer.

Remixed by Sonic Revolution, the Theme of Prontera is perhaps one of the most iconic BGM in the whole of Ragnarok Online’s line up. The Merry Christmas remix is a pretty nostalgic piece of music for me, seeing that I had spent several years in playing this particular MMO!

If you’ve found this piece of music nice, and want a copy of it in your computer. Below is a download link so that you can immediately download the BGM to your hard-disk!

[ Download: Theme of Prontera — Merry X’Mas Remix! ]

Ah… all the memories it brings back!

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