A Second Serving of Pastaaaaaaaaa!


I’m sure some of the people here know what does that means.

Yes, a second season of Hetalia – Axis Powers will be coming out, right after this summer.

Much like the first season, Hetalia – Axis Powers will feature the same casts, as well as the same kind of humour you can expect from the first season.

Hetalia – Axis Powers originated from a manga, which roughly potrays the lives and ordeals of about 17 characters (which represents countries) through several historical events in the world, such as World War 1 and 2.

The second season will have 26 episodes, each lasting about several minutes only, much like the last season. The second season will also be airing on the internet, as well as handphones.

Hetalia, eh? I still remember the first episode and when Italy screamed out “PASTAAAAAAAAA!”. Man, that was epic.

However, do note that most of the characters potrayed here are…well, bishounen, which means pretty/handsome males. Looking for fanservice? I don’t think it’ll ever happen anyway.

Source: ANN.


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