A Tool for You to Bounce Oppai on Images

Gazou-wo-purupuru-ni-suru-soft“, or simply put “XX-CAKE!” is a software developed by Niconico user YNW that allows users to literally bounce boobs off static images! How ingenious!

Using the tool looks pretty complicated, but the results are actually extremely promising. By dictating the parameters on the image itself, as well as several other variables such as speed, direction, bounce factors and others, a user could create a realistic (and erotic) oppai bouncing effect on all kinds of images.

The second video even shows you other ways of using the image! You can even do other stuffs other than bouncing boobs!

Of course, the basis of the program is, well, not to exactly bounce boobs, but rather, more towards making images jelly-like. However, who wouldn’t want to give their favourite image a little sex appeal?

You can grab the latest version of the program via the official website of “XX-CAKE!”.

About Netto

Aspiring artist! One of these days, he might just make it... somewhere!