A vocaloid 3 post to catch up on recent events…

More cute anime girls. Hell, why not?

Okay, I just recently came back on a trip to Malaysia. Sadly, the day I went for said trip was also the day Yamaha announced the release of Vocaloid 3 in September 2011. So to say, I am being asked by good Ol’Netto to do a post on this before he go batshit insane or something >_>;

In any case, the above image is the one the first few vocaloid 3 fanart. I talk more about her later.

On June 8th, Yamaha announced the release of the Vocaloid 3 Engine, which is said to be the most “human-sounding” software created to date. Of course, there were already rumors of Yamaha releasing Vocaloid 3 somewhere this year earlier (Check DTM May Issue). The Vocaloid 3 Engines is also backwards compatible with Vocaloid 2 Engines (Since they use the same base source code, with various changes). You can import Vocaloid voice bank and songs you have made yourself to Vocaloid 3 without any problem. The new engine also comes with new applications which Yamaha had designed to help users with the software, such as “Tone Switch”, which allows generation of a more robotic voices to be used in certain songs, as well as a new and improved DAW frame graph.

With the announcement, various companies that developed vocaloid voice bank will be releasing an update patch to transmute Vocaloid 2 voice bank to Vocaloid 3. They have also announced the development of new Vocaloids for the new engine, and even other new developers, mainly MOEJAPAN (Apparently an idol agency…?) and Studio DEEN, have jumped onto the wagon.

From what I know so far, MOEJAPAN is an idol agency, so god knows why they board the vocaloid wagon. I might take a look later, if I feel like it. (Right, they are thinking of some “real-life net-idol” thingy, and two of their idol will provide their voicebank. Ok, doesn’t matter much. Let us move on.)

Studio DEEN, however, is an anime studio. You know, the one who developed various anime? Oh, god damn you. They are the one who made Seitokai no Ichizon and Kore wa Zombie desu ka? If you don’t know that, go burn in hell! It will be good if they use vocaloid in future anime, so yay~! Also, remember the picture on top? Yeah, that is the fanart of the new vocaloid Studio DEEN will be developing with Surferparadise.

Of course, there are more than just two new developers. I just didn’t bothered with the rest, mainly because they develop english and korean vocaloids…

In any case, there are just quite a number of new vocaloids being developed for the new engine, we talk about them when they come! But before that, Crypton confirmed the development of Luka Append earlier in May, so I really hope they released that first before CV04 (Which, is still under debate as to he being generation 2 or generation 3).

No, there will be no love for CV04 from me. Go away!






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