A Whole Bunch of Persona 4: Golden Screenshots in English!

It’s not too far off now, Persona fans! Persona 4: Golden in English is just in plain sight and will be made available to all Persona-wielding to-be coming this Fall. Until then, I guess fans like you and me would have to just use our imagination to play the “game” while we wait for it!

Click on the screenshots to expand them:

persona 4 golden ramen persona 4 golden cooking

persona 4 golden junes tv persona 4 golden weaponshop

persona 4 golden edogawa

persona 4 golden marie

And oh, the game’s up for pre-orders now and comes with some goodies such as a skin for your PS VITA. Siliconera has more information regarding a “premium edition” of Persona 4: Golden too, complete with a whole bunch of goodies such as a hardcover, stickers and much more. Yours, for almost 2 times the price of the original copy!

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