Ace Attorney 5 Already Planned for West Localization

Talk about being quick, Capcom! The game has not even went up for demonstration in TGS2012 and you’re already announcing that Ace Attorney 5 will be localized for the West!

Of course, there shouldn’t be any kind of objections about Capcom’s announcement, since any kind of localization for Ace Attorney is entirely welcomed. After all, when they didn’t localize Investigations 2, leading some people to worry that Capcom had put Ace Attorney in the backseat of their line up of games for the west. Take that!

PocketGamer first mentioned that Capcom had told and confirmed with them that Ace Attorney 5 is indeed planned to be localized in the west. Kotaku added that by “west”, Capcom meant both EU and US! More information will be released as time goes, but for now, western fans would have to hold it at least until TGS2012 is over!

Check out the announcement and some tidbits of information regarding Ace Attorney 5 here.

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