Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Coming To Tokyo Game Show

It has been quite sometime since we ever heard of any Ace Attorney game from Capcom, but according to Siliconera, we might very well looking at a sequel for “Investigations” during Tokyo Game Show!

Announced by Famitsu, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 will still be starring Miles Edgeworth as the main character and will be backed by a wide variety of new features for the game. Details are blurry as of now, but there was some mentioned about “chess” in the game, raising speculations about a chess game to… solve mysteries? There’s also a “new game system” involved.

Regardless, the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 will be a playable demo during Tokyo Game Show which is coming up starting 18th September to 19th September. More Ace Attorney is always good, but one would wish for the return of Phoenix Wright, especially after what happened during Apollo Justice!

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