Achieve Greatness With TF2 Achievement Wallpaper Pack


They should have an achievement for this.

Valve have excellent designers on their team. Every time a new update comes out, about 30 plus achievements will be released with accordance to the updated class and each time, each icon is extremely iconic and usually comes with some sort of awesome title that parodies series/games/characters.

Now you can have the luxury of having over 100+ wallpapers to choose from, as pingu from the Steam Community Forums had been thoughtful enough to take sometime off his days to work on wallpapers for the… well, community. Each icon has it’s own wallpaper, so you might change your wallpaper to any achievements at any given time.

The wallpaper comes in many different sizes (in accordance to different aspect ratios), so you might just find the one that fits your screen. You can find the wallpapers in the Steam Community Forums link below.

But really, damn. These wallpapers are awesome.

Via: Steam Community Forums — The Complete Achievement Icon Wallpaper Pack.


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