AFA-X Details Announced

AFA-X is officially in full-gear!

With the press conference over for almost a day now, AFA-X has officially launched their site with a lot of new information regarding the event itself. The press conference which was held yesterday has revealed a lot of information of what we could be expecting for the whole event itself!

As some might remember, AFA09 played host to quite a number of new attractions, such as the Moe Moe Kyun Cafe and the I <3 Anisong Event. Both attractions were huge hits during the event itself, so it’s not entirely surprising when both events makes a return in AFA-X. The Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe is apparently revamping itself for a School Days (!!) appearance, featuring maids in school uniforms instead of the usual maid uniform.

Ready to serve, once again!

Alongside with the maid cafe comes the new attraction, called the Atelier Royale Café Butler Cafe! With a maid cafe in AFA09, the focus is obviously on the male attendees, but comes AFA-X with the butler cafe, something that is entirely geared towards the increasing number of female attendees!

Of course, the biggest of the event has to be the I <3 Anisong concert, and a couple of familiar faces are returning to the stage to lead the crowd once again. Ichirou Mizuki, or better known as Aniki will be returning to Singapore alongside with May’n! Other groups that will be appearing during the I <3 Anisong concert includes SCANDAL (fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood), angela (seitokai yakuindomo) together with the all-popular and legendary JAM Project!

Celebrities everywhere during AFA-X!

AFA-X will also play host to a number of celebrities from Japan. Kana Hanazawa (famous for her Tenshi/Kanade role in Angel Beats!) will be coming down to Singapore during AFA-X, making it her first oversea debut ever!

KANAME☆ will also be returning back to Singapore for AFA-X this year, showcasing his skills as a professional cosplayer in Japan. He was invited to AFA09 last year and had met with a spectacular amount of support from fans and cosplayers alike.

Danny Choo, the dancing Stormtrooper, famous for his blogging coverage of life in Japan is also returning to AFA this year. He had present many awesome figurines during AFA09, so who knows what he’s bringing to AFA this year! Like last year, Danny himself will be hosting some of the most exciting stage event during AFA-X!

The Campaign from Japan to promote Japanese Culture!

There are a lot more attractions and exhibitors that are coming down during AFA-X to provide an awesome experience to all. The usual Akiba-Town which houses all the merchandises and stuffs will be selling many different figurines, posters and many many more. Cool Japan, part of Japan’s campaign to boost tourism in the country is also dropping by during AFA-X to showcase of the more innovative Japanese inventions, promote Japanese culture, as well as allowing visitors to experience products from some of top brands in Japan.

Some other areas of interest includes screening of The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi movie, as well as Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer movie.

For a complete of list exhibition that you can expect, you might want to head down to AFA-X’s official site!

Anime Festival Asia X (or 10) will be happening this November on the 13th to 14th. The ticketing of the event is split into several stages, starting from the basic entrance ticket from SGD$8 all the way to the premium VIP tickets for I <3 Anisong concert at SGD$198.

Glorious Charts!

Tickets aren’t available for sale yet, although more information regarding where interested parties could get the ticket will be released shortly. Event line-up and scheduling is also expected to come out sometime in the middle of October!

AFA-X is really going all out this year with the amazing line up of events. Regardless of your liking in Japanese culture, there’s bound to be something you’ll totally love in the event. If you have yet to attend any of the AFA events for the past two years, this is the chance to do it. With two years of experience behind this event, AFA-X is definitely shaping up to be one of the best events in Singapore!

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