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[Ai] is done by KulfiQ, who made a few popular other videos, in later 2010. But I believe that I was too lazy to bother, hence not introducing him/her, yet. [Ai] means “Me” in this context, so whoever interpret it as love, please go brush up on Japanese 101 or actually use a translator/dictionary/whatever to double-check.

The illustration is done by Goro, who also made several vocaloid videos himself.

It isn’t a bad day for 28th May, considering there are three videos I added to my list. The first being the GUMI video done by 164, whose name I am too lazy to find out in katakana. Second being [mono scarlet] by yuna, someone who I didn’t really know much about and lastly, [Ai]. I chose to showcase [Ai] because it is really good, and I think you all should enjoy music from KulfiQ.

Artist website : http://kulfiq.seesaa.net/

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