Alien Versus Predator Trailer — Humanity Is Fsked.


Hoo, boy. You are so fsked.

What can I say? Aliens and Predators, one uses acid spits and sheer numbers and the other uses superior technology against their foes. Doesn’t sound any it’s any good when Humanity is up against these foes.

Of course, it’s a tradition in any Aliens versus Predators games that Humanity are always on the losing end. The newest trailer for the upcoming Aliens versus Predator game, titled “Marines” showcases the Marine side of the conflict. However, unlike the 893712893172897 different kind of trailers out there with the same settings (you know, humans kicking xeno asses), this particular trailer does show you some Marines killing stuff, but at the end, you get owned by either Aliens or Predators.

Sounds good? Yeah, it’s actually kind of hopeless if you see it this way. But Alien versus Predator 2 (that old game) is actually pretty good at capturing the “you’re fsked” idealogy without making the game incredibly difficult to play. I just wish that Humanity had a bigger role in the whole series. But hey, it’s called Aliens versus Predators, not Aliens versus Humans versus Predators. Humans were left out for a reason, right? RIGHT?

Via: Joystiq.


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