Aliens versus Predator Multiplayer Demo Released!


Been hearing all those Aliens versus Predator news but have not tried it yet? Well, wait no longer as Steam has recently released a Multiplayer Demo of the game itself!

There isn’t much to be said of the multiplayer demo actually, but it’s still a pretty good way to test out the game. No single player content is on the demo, so those who are thinking of having a little AI busting action will be sorely disappointed.

The demo doesn’t feature a lot, with only the Deathmatch mode and a single map for your playing leisure. Despite the small variety it’s offering, the multiplayer is surprisingly fun, be it being the all sneaky Alien, the camouflaging Predator or the gun-wield Marine, each species allows the player to have a different kind of gameplay experience!

The full game is going to feature over 7 different multiplayer modes, so I’m guess there’s even more in stored when the game is officially released this late February!

What are you waiting for? Hurry over to Steam and grab the demo and enjoy killing Aliens, Humans or even Predators!

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