American Anime Industry Declining?

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Retail news source ICv2 has recently revealed it’s estimates for America’s own anime industry health and it’s not looking good. Many would know that the anime industry has been suffering considerably in Japan, much less in America. Due to considerable amount of factors, the anime industry in America has been in decline steadily since 2003, where the anime industry in America has reached it’s peak.

Ever since 2003, where the anime industry is worth US$500 million, the industry’s worth has been steadily dropping in value year by year. ICv2 had also released a chart regarding the performance of the anime industry for America in the past few years:

Year North American Anime DVD Market Size
2002 US$500 million
2003 US$550 million
2004 US$500 million
2005 US$430-460 million
2006 US$400 million
2007 US$275 – 300 million

It is expected that the anime industry will only be worth US$160 – 200 million this year. Not a very pretty sight, if you compare the 2010 figures with the table shown above.

ICv2 had also mentioned that it’s estimate aren’t entirely accurate, considering retail store chain giant, Walmart, had not revealed the sales volume of anime DVDs on their own side. Despite the inaccuracies that might happen because of Walmart, it’s still apparent that the anime industry for America is clearly facing a decline.

Looks like whatever the folks at Bang Zoom had talked about might be coming true pretty soon…


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