Anime Festival Asia 2009: The First Day


The stage area of AFA09!

Whew, just got back from the first day and it’s busy, busy and busy! Met lots of people during the event and it has been fruitful to say the least.

Anime Festival Asia 2009, or simply known as AFA09 is currently taking place at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore this November. Looking back at 2008, a whole of people had found that AFA was an excellent event and had wanted for more. But, how was AFA09?

In short, it was nothing short of spectacular. Featuring a ton more booths and merchandises as well as display areas, AFA09 is definitely an event that everyone should go.

And oh, props to IFreedom for being the photographer for the day! Without him, these pictures won’t even be here!


Look at the queue!

The queue at AFA09 was to be expected. Despite the stepped up efforts on pre-registrations, it seems that the ticketing booth had some extremely long queue. However, the line to get into the event was actually longer than the line to get the tickets. This just has to say something!


I find this extremely cool for some reasons.

The highlight of the event just has to be the Gundams on display. Bandai has such a big area in AFA that it is simply mind blowing. All sorts of Gundam model kits were there: from the first Gundam series all to the way to the latest. There were some exhibition about the Perfect Grade model kits. Don’t ask me what are those as I don’t really collect model kits.


Danny on the stage giving an introduction.

Other than the Gundams, there’s one extremely big attraction in AFA09: Danny Choo’s booth. Featuring some figurines that were being showed at the Tokyo Figure Show, Danny was there in person to chat with a few people who went up to him for questions and stuffs for a short while.

At the evening of the event, there was the I Love Anisong concert. Saturday featured Shoko-tan, Aniki and Miku, although I’m pretty sure everyone would complain about the absolute lack of Miku time. Merely 3 short songs were played and that’s it! Pretty saddening for Miku fans. No pictures about that, seeing that you can’t really take pictures or videos during the concert.

Of course, there was much more happening than the few described above, so keep a lookout for another a combined post when I’m done with the second day!

With a little more than a day left on AFA09’s calender, you should not miss out this great event that comes every once a year!

And oh, a little surprise before I went off from AFA’s first day:


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