Anime Festival Asia X — In Less Than 24 Hours!

It’s almost 13th November on the calendar!

There’s only less than 24 hours left on the clock to the biggest anime festival ever held in South East Asia — The Anime Festival Asia (or known as AFA). Entering it’s 3 year of operations, AFA has been rather successful for the past 2 years, grabbing an incredible amount of audience all over SEA.

Comparatively, AFA is somewhat like a small Comiket (in a sense), although it doesn’t have that volume of artist works being displayed. Most of the stuff there includes anime mechandises, commercial booths, the usual cosplayers and stuffs like that. Who knows what the year 2010 will bring! For the highlights and details of the event, you can visit AFAX’s official website, or check out the watered down version here.

NotCliche, of course, will be attending this once in a year event. While I’m not sure how the event will go, as long as time allows, there would be some coverage on our end on the event (twitter and day conclusion post). Seeing that it has been quite a busy month for the team (it’s really only 3 people now, 1 being a photographer), there’s probably not enough time to cover the two whole days of the events.

Have you gotten your “equipments” ready? Be it your costumes or your cameras or even your mood for the day? See you at AFAX tomorrow!

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