April Fool’s Day Breaking News!

(CNN) — Remember the dire predictions surrounding the “millennium bug?” The doom-and-gloom scenarios bandied about by security analysts on how computers could act when their clocks turned to January 1, 2000?

Well, researchers are hoping that a potential April Fool’s time bomb — the Conficker.c that is supposed to hit computers on April 1 — turns out to be equally unfounded.

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It seems that we’re about to be attacked by a very potent virus, that could probably mean the next Y2K in action. All in it’s path are going to perish!

The Conficker.c virus is one of the many viruses out there that does damage to your computer. Makes an army of zombie computers along with it, and does not do anything until April Fools comes, which a few minutes from this post. This virus stops you from all the functionalities that your computer provides, blah blah blah whatsnot.

While this story is indeed backed by a very strong “proof”, I still can’t dismiss the fact that this is a major april fools joke. I mean, seriously speaking though, why of all the dates, you have to choose this year to have this kind of virus?

However, in an event that the virus is true… well, I’ve got nothing to comment.

Regardless whether the virus is true or not, still, what’s the most it can do to you? Your computer wouldn’t explode on you wouldn’t it?

Worse come to worst, you can just reformat, like I always do!

Well then, only a few minutes… we shall see.

(I’m sorry, I can’t find a good picture to go along with this post…)


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