April Fool’s Day Virus Attack?


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While April Fool’s Day was a day of jokes and pranks, there was something that could destroy all of that in a matter of seconds.

(CNN) — An April Fool’s Day computer worm was launched on Wednesday but so far has not caused problems for the millions of computers that are believed to be infected.

This piece of computer code tells the worm to activate on April 1, researchers found.

“I think joke’s on us a little bit, which you would have expected with having an April 1 date,” said Holly Stewart, threat response manager for IBM’s X-Force, a computer security service.

However, that doesn’t mean the much-talked-about worm, called Conficker.c, is a joke, computer security experts told CNN on Wednesday.

The Conficker.c worm, which is set to spring into action on 1st of april, has, fortunately, nothing has happened thus far. However, it is still possible that the worm still exists on your computer, and may strike anytime, regardless of the time.

While this worm could do massive damage, it seems that it wouldn’t affect the other operation systems, except windows. Poor us users on Windows.

But still, it is still a possibility that it is a joke. Well, I’m not exactly sure, but since nothing has happened thus far, I guess we shouldn’t worry about it. Basic steps that users should take to prevent the infection, damage and stuffs. You know, the updates, scans and all the stuff.

For all we know, it isn’t a joke, but rather, the worm is just waiting. For the right time to strike.

“They’ll wait for the hype to subside,” he said. “They’ll wait for everyone to stop watching, and they’ll take it for a test run. They’ve put together one hell of a botnet here, and they’re going to want to exercise it.”

You can read the full article here.

And oh, an interesting way of detecting if your computer actually has been affected.


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