Are you very, very lonely during Christmas Eve?

Erst Kerf, anyone? Wait…Do you guys even know what EK is in the first place?

Well, with Christmas done and over with, some people are already preparing for the new year. With hot topics like “Would Barack Obama accidentally the US of A in 2010?!” or “Oh noes, we’re all going to die !!!one1111!!” and “Damn, school is gonna start soon! Time to draw a new battle plan to act sick” and whatnot.

Then, have we ever wondered what others did during Christmas Eve, or could possibly have done? And yes, hand shaking violently under table is definitely a food for thought in this topic!

Some people in Japan, however, must be either too lonely or too bored as hell during Christmas Eve. It seems like these folks tried to compete with one another in making the most grand or best Christmas Eve celebration…With a 2D character, no exception!

Although the pictures featured here are more of a gag than what is reality…Somehow or rather, I think that deep down within themselves, they truly wanted to do that. Then again, it could just be me. No way! I am wise, so it’s all true!

Now then…Let’s start off with something simple, alright?

Pretty normal, right? Well, this is what a sane person who will never do weird things to his/her figurines would do, just for laughs. Ready for more? Read on!

…And this is what someone who might actually have thoughts of doing weird stuff to their figurines. Or maybe they are just too rich and made use of what they are gonna have for dinner in this competition.

The last picture of today is basically featuring someone who most likely have a girlfriend/boyfriend, saw that particular 2ch thread/whatever and just feel like participating last minute.

Note that if you are a lonely soul during Christmas Eve, these are the kinds of people whom you should drown with your tears of blood. So, which category of person are you today? The lonely yet sane person, the lonely and somewhat sane person, the lonely yet crazily in love with your 2d characters, or the rich and beautiful faggots people who have someone to celebrate with?



On a side note for those that didn’t know what Erst Kerf was, it is just a 2DTPS doujinshi released in C77. Overall, the game was ok…Until it gets to the intensive portion(Late game and or Boss fight) where I simply gets wiped out in seconds.

For those interested, here is Erst Kerf’s link.

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