ASCII Art Part 3 – Still Life and Photos

After loads of practice, I was able to get used to color ASCII creation. I stumbled across some of my old friend’s still life drawings and old photos which I got interested in and decided to turn them into ASCII art.

As for this post, I am going to brief you all on some tips and tricks on transforming still life drawings and photos into ASCII art. I will start with still life drawings.

(Warning Bandwidth Intensive Post!)

Whenever people see the words “Still Life”, images of non-living/living shaded sketches immediately comes to mind.

As still life drawing tends to be shaded according to the brightness, contrast and shadow during the time of day and at the person’s point of view,  the best background color for it when transforming the piece of art to ASCII would be dark colors or black. However, some beg to differ.

The most important thing is to use whatever background color that you can concentrate and work with. Let’s get the ball rolling with a preview on how a still life drawing transformed into ASCII will look like.

All of the ASCII images are re-sized to fit into this page. So, if you want the full size picture, click on the image or visit the image data bank.



In this situation the white background looks kind of like blank paper.

This one is an imaginary still life picture. Imaginary still life is a person’s mental image of an object with no references. In short, “using your imagination”.


As for photo ASCII, there really isn’t much to take note of since most of it are the basics. The color depth is very important and it must somewhat match it’s original picture . ASCII text art won’t work that well compared to colored ASCII. Below are illustrations of colored ASCII art and ASCII text respectively.

The background of the original picture will affect what background you might want to choose for the colored ASCII, as you have to mix and match to let your colored ASCII art shine.


One of her latest single is “free and dream”, tears to tiara’s opening song [ Suara ]

Here are few more samples that I had done during my free time. It takes a while to master the coloring techniques.


Famous for her d.c songs and frequent work alongside CooRie [ Yozuca* ]


Yum yum delicious kiwi fruits.


Figurine by Kotobukiya [Kenshin of Sengoku Rance]


Figurine by Good Smile Company [Yami of To love ru]

After creating ASCII art for a long time, I find that transforming pictures and art pieces into ASCII is no longer a difficult task. However, I still have some tiny problems regarding the coloring level. Finding the right color to fit is time consuming. After completing it, you will at least feel a sense of achievement in your work unlike using programs.

There are definitely programs that does these things but they are imperfect, as mentioned in my last two posts on ASCII art.

After using programs, you still need to fix some letter mismatches/misfits on some parts of the ASCII art. A good example will be parts of the eye area. As for coloring ASCII, I found only a few programs that allow you to customize the text. It is still a pain to get them as most would require payment ( which I doubt most people will pay ) and some still need fixes here and there. Programs are written by humans after all.

By using programs, they can help as a guide. However, in the end you learn the most if you do it yourself without any guides.

The pictures below are requested ASCII art with given pictures. These ASCII art are some of the best out of the many I had done. So, I decided to put them on display here.

moe 84162 ama_mitsuki ga-rei_zero isayama_yomi seifuku tsuchimiya_kagura

Lovey dovey as always playing the pockey game. [Yomi and Kagura of Ga-Rei Zero]


[ Unohana Hime from Tenshin Ranman]


Please don’t say you are “GLAZY”. [K-on club from k-on]

bakemonogatari close sengoku_nadeko

I wish I had a sweet and cute childhood friend like her… [Nadeko of  Bakemonogatari]

bakemonogatari senjougahara_hitagi

Beware of her verbal abuse and stationery, especially staples!  [Hitagi of  Bakemonogatari]

araragi_karen araragi_tsukihi bakemonogatari

What lovely sisters they are. [Karen and Tsukihi of Bakemonogatari]

bakemonogatari hanekawa_tsubasa transparent

There is almost nothing she doesn’t know. [Tsubasa of Bakemonogatari]

bakemonogatari close hanekawa_tsubasa multichromatic vector

Oh noes! She is going to relieve stress! [Tsubasa Cat of Bakemonogatari]

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