Asiasoft’s Ragnarok Online 2 Officially Announced, Closed Beta On-going!

Just earlier today, Asiasoft has officially announced their massive teaser (we ALL know what it is) at their License2Play event held at Marina Bay Sands. Yes, that’s right, it’s indeed Ragnarok Online 2!

With Ragnarok Online 2, Asiasoft is starting on their first game to include a “Closed Beta” service for their community. Ragnarok Online 2 is announced with a Closed Beta period which spans across a period of 6 days, starting from 7th December all the way to 12th December. Interested players can head directly down to the official website for Asiasoft’s Ragnarok Online 2, while others could also join up in the fun with the official Facebook page.

Do note that the Closed Beta period has a limited server-opening timing, starting from 11AM to 2AM! Those who want to skip reading all the tedious stuff, just jump to PlayPark’s forums and grab the client now!

Like previously mentioned, Ragnarok Online 2 will be completely free-to-play, operating off a premium shop system that is extremely popular in Korean-based MMORPG these days.

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