Nickname: Netto, Netz, Net.

Position: Over 900- I mean, Administration.

Site of Residence: Singapore.

Interests: Anything to do with FPS, MMORPG and certain RTS games. Also interested in animes and mangas, although it’s more towards the “slice-of-life” category.

Dislikes: Anything that you have place too much effort into it, bitter stuff.

Characteristics: Lazy, laid-back. Is only hardworking when he is really interested in something.

History: Nothing much of interest anyway. Ziddy thought up of making an Anime/Gaming Blog, so here we are! Hope you can enjoy your stay here. And oh, join up with the LBW Community if possible!

Random Comment: Err, yeah. Hello. xD.

About the Author

Aspiring artist! One of these days, he might just make it... somewhere!