Battlefield 1943: And Xbox 360 Wins The Challenge!


And we have a winner!

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise for anyone, really. The very fact that Xbox 360 had almost 2 times the amount of kills over the Playstation by Day 1 is a clear indicator which platform would win.

So, starting today, Xbox 360 BF1943 owners can start loading their game with the “Coral Seas” map and enjoy endless hours of fun shooting each other down from the skies. The PS3 community, however, is still at the halfway mark and it is estimated that they are going to get their own map by next week.

The PC platform will also be receiving BF1943, although it’ll be released during September, and of course, there wouldn’t be of such challenges for PC players to accomplish. That would be silly anyway.

Seriously though, clocking 43 million kills in less than a week… this shows how much time is being placed into the game. The lucky guy who pulled off the last shot is “James” (gamertag: jkasapi) from Peterborough, England. He’ll be receiving some goodies from EA, such as a pair of 1943 sunglasses, a 1943 t-shirt, and custom Battlefield sneakers.

On the other hand, the unlucky guy who got shot wouldn’t be receiving anything from EA. Talk about being biased here.

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