Battlefield 1943 Could Be Yours For… 80 Times The Original Price!


Battlefield 1943 is a popular game. We know that, Microsoft knows that. That’s why during the first few hours it got released, everyone was downloading the game, happily waiting for their turn to get into the game once it’s downloaded.

However, if you would want to download (or buy) this game now, do note that it will cost you 80 times the original price. Original pricing is 1200 Microsoft Points, roughly USD14. However, for some reasons or another, Xbox Live set the price set at 90,000 Microsoft Points, which is roughly USD1,100.

How the hell would someone buy a game that would cost you 90,000 MSP? Isn’t that a little ridiculous? Microsoft is trying to rip you off?

While we don’t know if it’s a typo of an additional 2 zeros, or if it’s anything else for the matter, this ridiculous 90,000 MSP pricing could be well attributed to the recent problems that Battlefield 1943 has experienced.

First off, people downloaded the game only to find that they could not play the game at all. EA had commented that there’s simply too many people for their servers to handle, simply because of the fact that EA had not predicted that the game will receive such an attention.

So, in the meantime, — unless you’ve got one thousand dollars to spare — while the prices are still at 90,000 MSP, all the other unlucky people would have to sit down somewhere to wait for the price to drop.

I’m wondering why didn’t Microsoft try something better like “555555” instead.

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