Best Add-on For Firefox: Illimitux


Are you a regular visitor to Veoh, RapidShare, MegaUpload or even MegaVideo?

If so, this is the best add-on for you, ever. Provided that you’re on the Firefox platform! (I doubt it’ll be problem anyway, since analytics reports that more than 60% of users that visited NotCliche are Firefox users)

Don’t you just hate the waiting time for Veoh, MegaUpload or even MegaVideo? Illimitux effectively removes all these limitation, by simply redirecting you to their site to “watch” the video. Basically, what the guys on that site have done is some magical stuff that allows you to skip the waiting times and get straight to the content that you want.

How it works? Don’t ask me, I don’t know what these people did to make it work so nicely for us. One thing’s for sure, this add-on works, and it works extremely well. I was downloading a couple of stuff off MegaUpload last year and the add-on helped me to skip the 45 seconds wait time for the free download. Same for MegaVideo, since I was able to stream the videos without giving the site giving me “you have reached your maximum alloted blahblahblah”.


Download it straight. It’s that easy.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Getting this add-on does not mean that you will get premium access to the videos (faster load time, and all those advantages), but rather, this just means that you’ll be able to skip the waiting time, thus enabling you to get straight to the content. I shouldn’t really blabber here, so I guess I’ll just leave the link here (get the add-on here) and you guys can get to enjoy all the awesomeness in your browser.

For those that are somewhat cautious about installing add-ons onto your own browser, but still want to use their awesome service, you can actually copy and paste the link on their website (check out their site here), and they will do the rest for you. It’s that simple.

Either way, the best add-on for your Firefox. Especially for those with ISP problems such getting “this IP is downloading something” when you’ve just opened up a RapidShare window!

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