“Best Cosplay” @ Iluma!


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If you’re from Singapore, you might want to finally give yourself a reason to visit the newest and most fashionable shopping mall to date (in Singapore, that is).

Iluma, one of the newest shopping malls to pop up at the City will be hosting the “Best Cosplay Competition” which will be held at the “largest LAN gaming hall” in the whole of Singapore. The Colosseum is a sight to behold, as it’s laced with rows of computers completed with a bar and people playing all sorts of LAN games that ranges from Counter-Strike to Warcraft 3 and many more. There’s even 2 huge screens that were playing a Modern Warfare 2 demo when I was there!

While the exact details of how the competition will go around is yet to be announced, the competition will be held on the 31th of October, on a Saturday. You might just want to pop by and enjoy the competition as it goes about.

Not only that, Iluma has probably some of the largest and wealthiest entertainment area in Singapore as of now. 2 whole stories of Arcade, as well as the top level dedicated entirely to gaming, Iluma is really a place for entertainment.

Registration starts today. If you’re a cosplayer and might want to try your luck in a competition, why not drop by and have some fun while you’re there?

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