Best Of 2009: Anime Edition

A lot of time has passed, and even Fuuko has grown up!

Other than playing host to a wide variety of game consoles, 2009 also plays host to a bigger range of animes. With all four seasons worth of animes bearing down on us, it’s really difficult to make a choice of which is the best in the whole year.

2009 was a great year for animes to say the least. A lot of series had seen continuation, and a lot more was introduced. 2009 also plays host to a variety of massive-hits animes, such as K-ON! (can’t deny that K-ON! is extremely popular), Bakemonogatari, Minami-ke: Okaeri, Eden of the East, Saki, and many others.

The list is big, but there can only be one particular anime that takes the crown of best of 2009 in my list, and that is definitely Clannad ~After Story~. While K-ON! and others have their own epic moments and generally does better in terms of comedy as compared to Clannad, Clannad makes up for it’s lack of comedy moments as compared to the others with a dash of realism in the story.

While reset endings aren’t really the best way to end off a series, it is still nice to know that everyone’s still there.

As many would know by now, Clannad is probably one of the more epic anime of the year, even if it has ended rather early in the year. A short read through on the impressions of others usually brings us to one conclusion: Clannad is extremely touching and emotional in a way where people could actually feel what the characters on screen are going through. That’s the greatness of Clannad, and that’s why I feel that it’s the best anime of the year.

Of course, as great as Clannad is, it is not without flaws. The reset ending as many would have known by now is generally disliked by a vast majority of people, but if you can forgive that one and only error, Clannd ~After Story~ is a great anime that no one should miss. Plus, everyone loved both Tomoyo and Kyou After, right?

K-ON! is great and all, but in absolute terms of story, Clannad would have to take the cake. The next upcoming Key to animation project would be “Angel Beats!” and the title’s story is also written by the same guy who had written stories for Kanon, Clannad and AIR, so I’m looking forward to it!

Oh… Aka!

Another great anime would be REC, although it’s not from the 2009 vintage. Introduced to me by AK, it was an excellent journey from start till end. The only regret I’ve got is that SHAFT did not reanimate this particular series after getting popular. Pity, seeing that this particular series is pretty awesome and I would definitely look forward to yet another season (if it does happen). Having each episode lasting only 12 minutes is really ugh.

Of course, there are many other animes that are worth mentioning, but for the year of 2009, Clannad definitely sits on top of the rest due to the fact that it could convey emotions no other animes could. What’s your favourite pick for the year of 2009?

Now that 2010 has come with a whole load of animes waiting to be aired, what would the greatest anime series for 2010? I guess only time will tell!

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