BioShock 2 — Big Daddies, Vita Chambers And You


With BioShock 2’s release date closing in, the guys at CVG have recently done an interview to shed more light on the upcoming game. However, it would seem that 2K Marin is quite tight-lipped on their own game, as most of the information that they are releasing are some of the stuff that we know.

But nevertheless, there are still some extremely interesting little bits of information in the interview.

Leaving some background information about the BioShock 2 itself and explaining why you are the Big Daddy instead of a normal human, most of the question during the interview are more or less boring. However, it would seem that there are actually some interesting questions.


Green glow of happiness!

One, for example is the existance of the Vita-Chambers. If you remembered how BioShock had played out, there’s actually these sort of green Vita-Chamber where you’ll respawn from once you die. Extremely useful in situations where you heavily attacked, and just died because you alerted something or somewhat with saving, but this Vita-Chamber definitely lowers the difficulty of the game as you know that you will never die. The whole theory behind the Vita-Chambers is that due to the extremely difficulty in taking down a Big Daddy you can be assured that there will be a Vita-Chamber near you whenever a Big Daddy is near.

While we’re on the question of the Vita-Chamber, it would seem that BioShock 2 will still contain Vita-Chambers, but with the option of turning them off at the player’s discretion. Looking for harder difficulty? Turn the Vita-Chambers off. However, with the Vita-Chambers off, it can spell increased amount of save files around, because you wouldn’t want to die and restart from a point where you took several hours to complete!

Other questions in the interview includes on how did you become a Big Daddy, why is the Big Daddy that you’re controlling is different from others (c’mon, you’re the protagonist of the game, what else you need to know) and even some details (although stopped by the interviewers) about the mysterious Big Sister.

In the original BioShock, the Vita-Chamber was usually abused, because you can never die from it. A DLC was introduced so that players can turn the Vita-Chamber off, and honestly, I would preferred the Vita-Chambers to be on. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve died on Hard Difficulty even if Vita-Chambers on. *shivers*

BioShock 2 is slated to be released Q4 2009, and will be arriving on PC, 360, PS3 and Mac.

Via: CVG.


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