Introduction of the Blogroll

The blogroll is a collection of links of blogs who have kindly linked back to NotCliche. If you’re interested in other content, or just itching to read something else, go ahead and click any one of the links down there! You won’t be disappointed!

— Netto.

How to get listed in the Blogroll?

It’s the same principle as how you would want to be on someone else’s blogroll. Simply link NotCliche on your own site or blog, then drop us a mail, stating that you’ve added the link. If not, you can always ask for link placement first, then place our link on your site at a later time. Both way works, as long as you ask!

What about the Affiliates Section?

Affiliates are usually reserved for sites that aren’t related to blogging or anime at all. Although it works the same as Blogroll (showing of links and all), it’s more or a special section that is dedicated entirely towards non-related sites that had kindly linked to us, or we’ve found it interesting.