Build Your Harem By Having 600 Girls Saying “I Love You” With This CD


This is just the first step towards your great Harem!

I’m not sure how do you define loneliness,and how do you exactly relieve the feeling of loneliness, but it seems that this particular CD — named as Hougen CD — has the answer for anyone who is feeling down and lonely.

What’s included in this magnificent disc is the very fact that buyers will be able to listen to about 600 different girls saying “I Love You” to the listener. All of the 600 Japanese girls will be saying either “Daisuki!” or “Meccha Daisukiyanen!”, both of which are roughly translated as “I Love You!”. Some of the more famous seiyuus, such as Rie Tanaka and Shiho Kawaragi had also lent their powers to the making of the CD.

As the CD’s name implies, this particular CD will feature all the different Japanese dialects in order to cater to every single Japanese all over the country. However, it does not just end here, as the record company, NR Pro has seen it fit that they should throw in yet another disc, this time with the girls saying a very angry “I Hate You!” and the likes, instead of the kind and happy “I Love You!”.

If you’re interested in getting one of this CD, you might want to refer yourself to CD Japan and order one from them. The disc costs around 2,000 yen, which roughly translates to USD$22. Not a bad deal for having 600 different girls saying “I Love You!”, right?

Via: Crunchgear.

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