C³ Promotional Video Streamed

The official website for the upcoming anime project in Fall, C³ (C Cube) has recently updated it’s site with a promotional video.

The story follows a high school student named Haruaki Yachi who happens to receive a large black box from an his father from overseas. Later that night, Haruaki unexpectedly finds a “fully naked female thief of rice crackers” in his kitchen and that marks the first of many surprises he will encounter in the future.

The promotional video gives viewers a sneak peek on the theme song of the anime, as well as several characters that would be appearing throughout the series. However, contrary to my initial expectation of this show being some kind of harem show, the promotional video kind of proved me wrong with several interesting fight scenes as well as having a pretty dark mood to the show!

Check out the promotional video at the official website.

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