Call of Duty 7 Reportedly In Development


Treyarch is back with a vengeance (okay, i made that up) as one of their senior animators have somehow or another lists the game in his own LinkedIn profile.

However, it would seems that the profile got “censored” somehow, as the stated game titles are nowhere to be found now and all letters have been replaced by “x”s.

This isn’t exactly a surprise though, since it had been reported before that CoD7 has already been in the works, since Activision was looking for license music titled, “Call of Duty 7“. But to think that CoD6 (or rather, Modern Warfare 2) is still in the works, CoD7 had already started development. Activision really wants get these games out real fast.

Traditionally, all Call of Duty games will have a 2 years time worth of development. Sources has also said that it seems that CoD7 will be set in the Vietnam Wars, and is this further supported by the fact that Treyarch had stated that “they were happy to close the curtains on the whole WW2 thing”.

CoD6, or rather Modern Warfare 2 will be breaking off the usual Call of Duty tag, as it will be released under the name of Modern Warfare 2. While there are many others that argues that Infinity Ward has finally broke off from Activision to develop their own games, it’s still undeniable that CoD6 is actually really Modern Warfare 2.

I mean, seriously, how can CoD7 exists when CoD6 is not even in development?

On another note, Modern Warfare 2 is slated to be released somewhere this November.

Source: Kotaku.

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