Call Of Duty: Black Ops Trailer Revealed

Another Call of Duty game you say? Without a Modern Warfare suffix too? Well, if you’ve remember World at War (you know, the 5th CoD game), then you’ll probably know of a name called Treyarch, who was the developer for the game. Well, here comes the next Call of Duty game and it looks like it’s set in the Vietnam War period.

Of course, the whole Vietnam war setting isn’t too new now, seeing that Activision had previously licensed music titled as “Call of Duty 7”. But that’s beside the point, what players are interested in is probably the game play, right? Well, the teaser trailer Treyarch has revealed recently is pretty interesting to say the least!

Lots of helicopters, jungles and all that little stuff you would expect from a Vietnamese campaign. Want to know more? Go watch the teaser! (or look at the spoiler below for a detailed list of objects that appeared)

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