Clannad ~After Story~ — Episode 19


After a long hard 5 years, Tomoya and Ushio are finally reunited together, with much thanks for Sanae-san’s plan. Episode 19 gives us a little break from the previous 2 episodes of heartbreaking scenes, and welcomes back some of the characters that disappeared for sometime.

And Tomoya had finally changed for the better. I’ve got a better opinion of him now!

Episode 19 is truly a great episode in my opinion. Tomoya finally acknowledging his dad in episode 18 was good and all, but the real acknowledgement only happens when they actually meet in person.

Although the part about Tomoya and his dad only took a small fraction of the total time of the episode, I feel that it’s the best out of the whole episode, if not, the best of the whole season.

I, for one, have been hoping that both Tomoya and Naoyuki (tomoya dad’s name) will get back together since the first season. Unfortunately, the first season didn’t show anything related to that, and the movie only showed a slightest hint about Naoyuki. It was only until After Story Episode 18 that there was any real mention about Tomoya’s dad, which is one of the few things that I’m looking forward to in the whole series.


The reconciliation of both father and son is really heartwarming. After getting mistreated by his son for so long, while trying to provide whatever he could, it’s about time that Naoyuki gets acknowledged as Tomoya’s dad properly.

The scene is just… you know, with the inclusion of Ushio there, you can really see the “link” between Tomoya and Naoyuki, like how Ushio is with Tomoya now.

However, the only thing I felt that was a little lacking is how Naoyuki responded to Tomoya when Tomoya was talking to his dad. The single word replies were a little… frustrating I would say, but given the situation, I guess Naoyuki wouldn’t be used to reply in full sentence… since he rarely had anyone he could talk to. His whole world revolved around Tomoya, and when Tomoya finally left, there wasn’t anything else he could do.

It’s a feeling that I can’t really explain well in words. I’ll leave it as that. Facing your a mistake that you’ve done again and again is really difficult…


Other than that, there is a certain someone special who had disappear for sometime that appears in the show. That’s right, Fuuko-chan has finally arise from the dead been discharged from the hospital, and has reunited with her sister!

It seems that Fuuko is of the same age as Tomoya… but, uhm, she sure doesn’t act/look like one. I think she is considered loli even though she is twenty plus? *coughs*


What a cheeky person.




Some prayers for Nagisa…


Thank god for Sanae-san’s support…


I hope you will.


Akio always have something to say.


I might seriously try to make this an avatar.


Tomoya certainly had a change of heart.


Tomoya seems to be very happy.




Konata would have been proud of Fuuko.




It has been a long journey…


There, there.


Tomoya, you’ve earned my respect.

Only a few more episodes to go… damn, I’m gonna miss Clannad.

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