Clannad ~After Story~ — Episode 20


After the re-introduction of Fuuko-chan, Episode 20 seems to have gotten a good more of her in action. Episode 20, although is a more or less happy episode, there’s actually a hidden meaning behind it.

Kyou also makes an appearance, as none other than Ushio-chan’s kindergarden teacher. I’m sure people who’ve watched the OP many times would probably made the guess early in the show. It was kind of obvious in the OP.

In this episode, there were plenty of happy moments, not much those oh-why-did-this-happen-to-me kind of moments. The mysterious light that Ushio saw in Episode 19 didn’t make an appearance, nor the Robot and the Girl segment. Mysterious indeed.


BIG BOTAN IS NOOOOO! I liked the small one better.

Between you and me, the growth of Botan is ridiculous! Don’t tell Kyou this, or I might just get bookeranged (sorry, poor attempt at a joke)!

Other than Kyou, Fuuko probably receives more attention than she previously had in episode 19. After all, episode 19 was the introduction of her. Even though Fuuko has the mentality of a child, she does really know how to care for others. That comes out rather surprising, as all the previous mentions of Fuuko are usually “i want this”, “i want that”, kind of thing. There are also several ridiculous imagination that Fuuko can think up of, such as a “thights that you must not wear!” kind of thing.


Dango head!

And oh, the Dango-on-the-head thingy is actually kind of cute… there were several times that Tomoya imagines the scene that was happening with Nagisa in it. Seems like Fuuko can somewhat be like a mother to Ushio already!

Like I’ve mentioned above, while everything seems fine and all, there’s actually a hidden message behind the whole episode. It doesn’t appear until the end of the episode, where things starts to change… again.



On the front, it looks fine and all, but just when the alethics meet is a day before, Ushio comes down with a fever. Sounds extremely familiar huh?

Thus begins another part, and probably, the final part of Clannad After Story.

Kurohagane had told me about this, and he predicted that it would be around this particular episode, I wonder how does he make such accurate predictions anyway…

Only 4 episodes to go…


What a loving father.


The growth rate is indeed ridiculous.


Kyou makes an appearance!


Kyou hasn’t seen the changed Tomoya for sometime now!


It’s a sign.


Awww, cute!


You know… practice? Fuuko could run already!


For some reason, this scene looks really cool.


How I wished Nagisa was here…


If only Nagisa was here…


Ara, ara. Fuuko is turning Ushio into… *coughs*


What a tactic… star-shaped bread.


Whoever said Sanae-san’s bread is bad… this proves you wrong!


Like hell!


Double Dango Heads! This is seriously cute though…


Fuuko has weird imagination…


Trademark of Fuuko!


Another “If Nagisa was here…”


Seems like Ushio has taken a liking on Fuuko too!


Akio deciding everything on his own. That’s so like him!


This means something…


Epic showdown!

All the best, Okazaki Family.

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