Clannad ~After Story~ — Episode 21


Episode 21 follows up on the sudden fever that Ushio has, and to be really honest, it seems that there is absolutely no end to how Clannad plays with our feelings. (just now like KyoAni plays with our feelings for Haruhi 2)

Better prepare yourselves with some tissues just in case.

Episode 21 comes with a very dark title, titled “The End of the World“. I guess we’ll can pretty much guess what’s going to happen when the whole episode begins.

Being the second last episode, this episode really gives an impression of how the final episode would be like. I might be wrong on this one, but I can’t really think of any good ending for Clannad. Who knows? Kyoto Animation may just follow what they did with AIR.


Mysteriously, both events are closely related.

The girl with the robot has also made an major appearance here, and is mostly related to what is happening to the Okazaki family.

With the suddent onset of fever for Ushio, and the doctor saying there wasn’t anything he could do for Ushio, things starts to look a little gloomy for the Okazakis.

Strangely though, one of the initial “theory” that I’ve came up was that the city had a connection to Nagisa, somehow. It all started from Episode 15, where Akio brought Nagisa to the “secret place” that he had always liked, and somehow, Nagisa got better from that incident.

Nagisa’s condition only got worse when the whole place is going to be cleared out for a new hospital to be built. Shortly after the new hospital is built, there were several times where Ushio had wandered out herself to “visit” the hospital. It’s a little strange, but it somewhat links up together.


Little does Tomoya knows…

I feel that the episode doesn’t do much justice to Ushio and Tomoya. Having reunited after 5 years, and after getting back into form, the Okazaki family has to suffer this kind of treatment. It’s really unfair.

Even while having a fever that is seemingly uncurable, Ushio still wants to go on a trip; A trip with her father as some sort of final wish. Shortly after leaving the house, tragedy occured.



At least the Furukawa family is there for support… but I really doubt what I think would work out as what the show would be.

Only one more episode for the conclusion of After Story… I wonder what’s installed for us.



History repeats itself…


History repeats itself yet again…


This really sounds bad…


A trading of screwdrivers. A must between true friends. (if you’re in the technician area)




Tomoya’s resolve.


And here’s a public message to all: it’s wise not to smoke!


It might be possible…


I wonder how long will this warmth last?


And there they go… on a trip…


I can’t continue watching… Ushio…

On another note, I’ve realised that Clannad Afterstory is 22 episodes long… I’ve always thought of it as 24 episodes long. Maybe they are going to pull another 2 special episodes for us?

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