Clannad ~After Story~ — The end of the journey, Episode 22


Finally, we’ve come to the end of a great series, Clannad.

Clannad ~After Story~, lasting 22 episodes, had brought us much to learn and to think about. From the person closest to you, to the smallest of things, Clannad indeed had a huge impact on almost every single people that had watched it.

Episode 21 ended with a very heavy mood, and it seems that somehow, a “bad” ending was to come. Thank god that I was wrong about that.


Rather familiar, don’t you think?

Although messy, episode 22 starts with the flashback of when Tomoya and Nagisa first met. The robot and the girl segement appeared for majority of the show, and a lot more has been told regarding the relationship between the real world, and the imaginary world that the girl resides in.

It seems that the robot was actually the consciousness of Tomoya, and the girl is actually Ushio (quite a shocker).  For some reason, Tomoya can exist in both worlds, and that is what makes him unique. All the things that happened in the real world has a relation to what happened in the imaginary world. For example, when Ushio was falling sick, the girl in the imaginary world starts to get weak during winter.

The whole thing wasn’t explained properly though, leaving some questions unanswered for my side. The explaination is  a little messy, I must admit.



Shortly after the events of the imaginary world, Tomoya finally returns to the real world, just after Nagisa had gave birth to Ushio. However, something is different this time round. Somehow, Tomoya had went back to an alternate timeline.

Nagisa seemingly had came through the whole ordeal, and is well and alive this time round. Everything is now good and all, with Ushio growing up normally with the Okazakis. It is indeed a joyous experience to finally see everything going back to what it was supposed to.

With both Nagisa and Ushio fine and all, a brief look at the other supporting character’s lives, the series ends.


Fuuko, adult? *chuckles*

Fuuko also makes a major appearance in the episode, although there wasn’t much to talk about, except her random antics which will definitely put a smile on your face. It’s definitely a good addition to the overall feeling.

A little strange, I must say, with all the alternate timeline here and there. It’s like time travelling, but without any fanciful machinery or something like that.

Clannad ~After Story~ is indeed one of the greatest anime out there, with a lot of emotional rollercoaster added into the mix. Be it sad or happy, Clannad has it in for you.

To be honest, while After Story has it’s own epic moments, it does suffer from some weird moments, such as having too fast of a pace. Everything just went past in a blink of an eye. It is just too fast.


I’m sure.

There isn’t much to say about this episode, with the exception that it is definitely the kind of ending that I would like. Although some people would prefer to have a normal ending, where nothing comes back and life just goes on, to me, it just doesn’t fit the whole story. A happy ending would be more preferable than the other.


How much I’ve missed this guy.

Even with a happy ending, there are several questions that were still not answered. Why does Tomoya exists in both worlds? Does Tomoya and the rest remembers what happened when the world seemingly travelled back in time? What is that incurable illness? Why aren’t supporting characters given more screentime?! (actually, ignore the last question)

Although the series can be considered as ended, there should be at least another episode or two, however, has no relation to the overall storyline. I can only think about how the first season brought the Youhei x Tomoya thing and Tomoyo After.


Additional 2 characters in the Clannad March in the ED!

I would really like to know how the whole Clannad story goes like, what are the possiblities that may happen, because it seems that Kyoto Animation went with the best possible ending. I should really grab the Visual Novel someday…

And now… let’s indulge in the final moments of the greatest anime on earth thus far.


Mysteries, mysteries.


Decisions, decisions.


I had figured as much…


Oh ho?


Tomoya is a special person.


This is familiar…




It is a blessing, not a curse.


You know, if there was such a place… *coughs*


Tomoya giving Ushio her first bath!


Ushio listening to her first Dango song.


It is indeed heartwarming to see this scene.


Kawaii Ushio is Kawaii!


I can totally imagine TF2 here… *slaps self*


A field trip, with Nagisa this time round.


I’ve longed for this scene.


Oh, Akio.


I’m sure you have an adult personality.


Fuuko recieves 10 damage from verbal assault!


Yes! The hamburgers will disappear!


You don’t do a checkup in the middle of the street…



Clannad will live in my memories as long as it lives.


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