Clannad ~After Story~ — Extra Episodes, 23 & 24


With the end of episode 22, Clannad After Story has finally come to an end. However, 2 special episodes continues the series, although they have no real relation to the real story.

Episode 23 is actually a recollection of what happened before Tomoya and Nagisa officially met. It happened a year before the actual Clannad storyline, and offers some insight on how Tomoya and Youhei went through their school life.


In memory of Youhei’s incredible imagination.

Episode 24 is a compilation episode, where all the important events that happened through the first and second seasons. Basically, Tomoya narrates the whole journey from the time he and Nagisa met, to the point where Ushio is born, and to the supposingly reset ending.

Episode 23 is really funny, to be honest. The main focus is probably on the joker duo, named Tomoya and Youhei. Especially Youhei! This guy never fails to make me laugh. There are some Akio moments here and there, still as epic as always!

There isn’t much to be said about the 2 episodes, to be honest. Once the main storyline is over, the rest are pretty much pale in comparsion to the extra episodes.


Poor Sunohara.

Episode 23 brings us back one year, where everything hasn’t happened as of yet. While there’s no actual relation to the storyline itself, it is indeed interesting to know what kind of relationship Tomoya and Youhei shared in the past. And to think that Kyou actually had wondered about if Tomoya has a girlfriend… hahaha!

It was indeed funny to see how Nagisa and Tomoya had went through their year in school before they met each other. Tomoya sticks around with Youhei, and does pranks, while Nagisa is alone most of the time, and actually gets pranked on by others (no, tomoya and youhei aren’t exactly involved).


Motivation messages!

Looking back, I realised Tomoya isn’t as bad as I’ve thought he was. I guess I was a little wrong about him, but it still doesn’t change the fact that he had been extremely bad with his dad in the past!

While Episode 23 is all fun and games, episode 24 brings us a quick journey through the whole Clannad story. Everything that leads up to Ushio is shown in the episode. Basically, it’s a quick recap on what has happened thus far. There isn’t much to be said, but it really does invoke some memories.


Alternated timeline?

After looking through episode 24, I think some of the questions that I’ve got in mind has finally been answered. I’m not a particularly fast person, so that whole reset thing confused me a little bit. It seems there are multiple so-called “Timelines” or rather, memories in the storyline, and Tomoya had happened to go back in memory, because of the mysterious girl. But all ends well, so I don’t have any issue with that!

Actually, I was thinking that Episode 24 will continue what Episode 23 had left out, but I guess I was wrong. I think my ending is too cliched! How can I be cliched and I’m from NotCliched?! Arrghh!

Aside from that, I must say, episode 23 and 24 are indeed interesting… however…



To be honest here, I didn’t really like the extra episodes. It gives a weird feeling that you’re watching something that has absolutely no relation to the whole main storyline. Episode 23 was extremely weird because it was so back in the past, although I really liked the huge amount of Youhei in the episode.

Episode 24 is just a compilation of the whole journey, so there isn’t much to be said about that, but hearing Ushio’s voice again is indeed soothing. It has been such a long time since I’ve heard her. The end of Episode 24 serves as a little additional treat for us, as we finally get to hear Nagisa’s voice as Ushio’s mother.

Thank you for the wonderful journey.



Clannad, FIN.

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