CNN’s Topic On Rapelay Invokes Heat From Nogami Takeshi

Still remember the incident with Equality Now that had caused all the various hoohahs from Japanese eroge publishers? It looks like it’s not yet over, as CNN is now revisiting the whole issue of Rapelay by writing up an article about it.

It also goes without saying that human trafficking and violence against women are serious crimes in Japan too. As a Japanese citizen, I am deeply offended by the insulting implications of that so-called expert who associates Japanese people at large with heinous criminals.

In the article, the author describes not just the issue of Rapelay, but also the general eroge market. The article also mentions about how the internet has aided the distribution of these eroges and how lenient Japanese laws are with regarding these games.

Manga creator, Nogami Takeshi, had replied to CNN with a letter displaying his dismay about the whole article itself.

I have seen your news report that tries to stir up fear, prejudice and misunderstanding. I have no connection with the spiffy hentai game featured in your report, I am sorry to say; however as an author of Japanese hentai manga, I think I am well qualified to object to the views you present.

The CNN article had brought about a number of points regarding eroges of today. Certainly, these games are naturally bad influence for any children out there, but Nogami argued back saying that eroges of today are developed for “rational adults” who can make “rational decisions” out there. Who in the right mind would be influenced by a single game to do raping? That’s just ridiculous!

Nogami had also mentioned the whole piracy thing as trouble for both theirs and other countries. However, that has to be controlled by parents themselves, as neither the developers nor the government of Japan has any control over those. The only real way for anyone to grab a copy legitimately is via stores, and stores can definitely do something about putting age restrictions on these eroges. It’s exactly like how cigarettes works these days.

By the way, in the proud Japanese traditional popular art of ukiyo-e (woodblock prints from the Edo period), there were many works with sexual subjects, called shunga. You did like these too, didn’t you?

Nogami went on saying that hentai is really just work of art. Many people would probably realize by now, that Japanese culture has festivals revolving around sexual themes, and pornography has dated by many hundred of years ago in Japan as work of art. For many people in Japan, eroge are of no difference from these work of arts and are their successors of some sort.

Nogami ends off the letter with stating that hentai is not a sin, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with normal, rational people liking hentai and all. If you’re interested in the whole letter, you might want to drop by Tsurupeta for a full translation of the letter.

Of course, not everyone would agree with the points being declared above, but it’s really shocking that CNN has decided to bring up Rapelay of all things. Rapelay is a 2006 game, and the whole drama of it begin and ended in 2009. For some reasons, CNN had to dig up the incident and reignite the whole drama again. Regardless if the issue about eroges are true or not, it’s undeniable that CNN — one of the world’s major media outlet — will influence some to believe whatever it has reported, even if some of it are not as truth as they should’ve been.

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