ComiPro: An Amazing Piece Of Software For Inspiring Mangaka

Take a look at the above demonstration video, you won’t be disappointed at how ComiPro works. ComiPro is a digital manga-creation software that allows amateur or inspiring mangaka to make awesome looking manga pages and panels easily.

The software doesn’t use 2D drawing techniques as employed by manga these days, but instead, uses 3D models and pre-rendered backdrops in the creation of the manga panels. Contained in the software package is several 3D models as well as backdrops for users to get their hands dirty with, allowing them to get into the fray as soon as they have the software in their computers.

Developed by Web Technology Com Corp, the aim of the program is to allow any kind of users to start working on manga straight away. You don’t have to know how to shade the characters, nor do you need to know how to draw the characters and stuffs, since the program comes loaded with several modeled characters for you to know. As long as the user knows how to rig (move the arms and stuffs) of a 3D model, they are good to go!

Somewhat like a 3D modeling program and a typical manga drawing suite of some sorts, this particular program assist users in their quest of creation manga pages or panels. Filters provided with the software enhances the feel of the created page by giving the imported image a “2D make-over” or some sorts.

The initial version of this software doesn’t allow custom models as of yet, although it is mentioned that the later versions will be patched to allow those functionalities. Even better news for those who are excellent in 3D modeling, but don’t know how to start drawing their characters on a canvas!

Web Technology General Manager, Keiichi Tanaka, had mentioned that he believes strongly ComiPro will be an extremely important storyboarding tool for professional mangaka. This, in turn, might impact the manga industry’s need for assistants.

While the software is not out for purchase yet, you can give it a test by participating in the Open Beta test of ComiPro, which will be available starting this November. Head over to their official site for more information!


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