CONSPIRACY! Kyon’s Real Name?!


Gotta love that expression.

Every single devoted Haruhi fan would know that Kyon’s real name is… well, not Kyon. It’s simply a nickname that was given to him by a relative and thanks to his sister, it has gotten popular everywhere.

However, the latest episode (episode 20) seemingly have hinted about Kyon’s real name. Somewhat, that is.

According to several people it’s extremely possible that the head bands that were present in Episode 20 has a hint to the character’s real names. While it’s still not clear about how much the head bands and the names are related, quite a number of people believe that the head bands that were present in the episode holds some sort of meaning towards each and every single character’s name.

Here are the translated meanings of the head band (courtesy of AFK subs):

Yuki – Filthy Rich
Haruhi – Indian Summer
Kyon – Nick of Time
Itsuki – All Time and Places
Mikuru – Without Precedent

Yes, these names doesn’t hold much meaning if you look at them this way. However, according to one very observant poster it seems that the important part of the head bands are actually the kanji that is on it. If that’s the case, it may very well mean that Kyon’s real name is somewhat hinted on his own head band too.

The script for episode 20 had been written by Haruhi’s very own author, thus the possibility of having Kyon’s real name being hinted is quite high. However, this is, still speculation if Kyon’s name is actually even hinted on the head band or not.

Of course, if anyone of you here is fluent in your Japanese, you may want to give reading the kanji a shot. You can find each and every member’s head bands in the gallery below:

If you have any findings, feel free to drop a comment on it. I’m sure everyone else would want to know what Kyon’s real name is.


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