Corpse Party Getting OVA With PSP Game

5pb has recently started streaming a preview video for the upcoming Corpse Party OVA that is bundled together with the limited edition of “Corpse Party-The Anthology- Sachiko no Renai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U“.

The Playstation Portable spin-off game that focuses on the genre of school romance as compared to the horror nature of the series tells the story of Sachiko — the antagonist of the series — during her birthday. The game’s story is apparently written by several guest writers writers.

While the spin-off PSP game looks somewhat light-hearted, the original game is not as forgiving. Corpse Party tells the story of a group of high-school students who were trapped in an alternate dimension of an elementary school where they found nothing but death and decay. As the game progresses, each member of the group finds themselves getting into a vortex of insanity and death as ghosts, survivors and even the school itself are trying to kill them.

The limited edition box of the PSP spin-off game is receiving a CERO rating for 18 and above simply because of the OVA itself.

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