Cosfest IX @ Downtown East

It’s the time of the year again and Cosfest enters it’s 9th annual event this year. Recently held at Downtown East, Cosfest IX (or nine) has ended a week ago and truth be told, there was quite a number of interesting things and cosplayers running around the entire event.

One thing I’ve noticed during the two-days event is the scale of the event. It’s a little saddening to say, but it looks like the amount of people that had attended the event on the first day was a tad lesser than what had happened last year. However, the amount of people who attended the second day was really impressive and I was thinking that the place would not hold that amount of people!

It’s a little scary somehow…

Featuring lots of different programs during the event, every minute of the event was filled with something to do. The booths there had lots of merchandises too and I would say that the place a little more organized than the previous year. Can’t say much about the crowd for the first day, but the second day’s crowd was just insane!

The amount and variety of cosplayers around seems to be increased too. There was a lot more series popping up everywhere and sometimes you would even sport western costumes such as Warhammer 40k around. Best of all? There was someone running around with a cardboard box! Talk about hilarious!

Photo credit goes to IFreedom again, seeing he is NC’s photographer. Except more coverage (as he gets better with his camera) in the near future as we go along! Lighting wasn’t the greatest at the event (seems like they had dimmed the lights in comparison to last year) but it was good enough, I guess? Post-processing is not exactly my forte!

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